‘Who’s at the end of the line?’

THE CALL is our 2020 podcast drama which deals with the themes of connection and disconnection, timely for the world we find ourselves in today. 

5 episodes

22 colourful characters

1 big mystery.

For THE CALL, Claybody Creative Director, Deborah McAndrew, was joined by writers Georgia Affonso, Nick Ahad, Victoria Brazier and Michael Southan, with episodes directed by our Artistic Director, Conrad Nelson and Stefan Escreet. We (remotely) assembled a fabulous cast, featuring Mark Benton as Breakfast DJ Sam, and Andrew Pollard as his producer Harri. They are joined by Francesca Mills, Krissi Bohn, Jo Mousley, Riana Duce, Emily Pithon, Mona Goodwin, Darren Kuppan, Mitseh Soni, James Masters, Benedict Shaw and Mike Hugo.

Episodes of The Call are not currently available. 

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