In a city high-rise flat, a young girl struggles with isolation, home schooling, and Covid-19 restrictions. Urban life without all its distractions is a dreary existence. The outside world is relying on medical and frontline workers to save lives and keep society functioning. Meanwhile, the competition to develop a vaccine gathers pace.

With the pressures building on the lockdown family, tension erupts into a huge row. That night the girl’s longing for escape draws her into a vivid dream in which she finds herself almost a thousand years in the past, at the centre of a vast, ancient forest. There, in the heart of Sherwood, she learns to fight alongside the greatest English hero of all in his quest to defeat a cruel overlord and win the silver arrow.

We were delighted to bring this extended sung-through version of our 2020 choral piece, Greenwood Dreams, to live audiences in June 2021. Our first live performances since Autumn 2019, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Performances of GREENWOOD DREAMS The Silver Arrow featured 8 professional actor/singers and 4 musicians, including early instrumentalists from PIVA Renaissance Collective, and a small community choir.

Greenwood Dreams – The Silver Arrow was made possible thanks to funds from the Government’s Culture Recovery Fund.