The day of the visit from the City of Culture Judges!

Saturday endeth the first week of the Play and what a week it was.  I can honestly say that I have never experienced a week quite like it, in my life before.

It’s been such fun and a delight to mix with all of you and share our experiences together.  Not to mention the professional members of our group. Both actors, technicians, stage staff, Our lovely calm Author, The Invincible Husband/Director. Even the shoulder child carrier.  All kind, helpful, gentle, people.  Always on hand to put one at ease.

I think we may all now have been able to see the whole play intact. Having seen only the beginning and the end originally.  Now we are in possession of the full facts and can appreciate the cleverness and subtleties of the script.

We also had several tastes of Audience in all their Stokee glory (well that’s what it is all about, after all)  Now, tonight, begineth week two!  I have heard that Radio Stoke had some interesting persons broadcasting this morning.  I wonder, if we will see/meet them later…