I must admit that being a quiet, shy, little mouse-like creature I was feeling a little apprehensive and also curious as I trotted into the courtyard of Emma Bridgewater’s Pottery Shop last Saturday morning. But being of mature years and with a mental age of sixteen, I felt well prepared.

What a lovely warm, relaxed welcome we received from Debbie and Conrad.  I felt I’d known them for years instead of one quite brief meeting just one month ago.  It was a cold morning and getting us playing games to cause interaction with each other (while saving on heating) was an unexpected surprise and fun.  I really enjoyed the clapping to rhythm and wonder where it originated.  In my humble opinion very cleverly thought out.  If we’d had a couple of castanets and some steel drums we could have made a day of it!   I wasn’t so sure about the ball and stail though.  They really tested my balance, co-ordination, agility, sense of distance, eyesight etc.  Perhaps we might invent a new sport for the Olympics – Stail Vaulting Uproarious.

Seriously, I was so interested in the small portion of script that was shared with us, I wanted more.  I could have happily stayed all afternoon.  How innovative to set the play in a “Pot Bank”.

The Audience are going to be amazed and intrigued to experience something so very different from the norm.  I’m looking forward to learning more, and seeing you all next Saturday.

Finally, may I say a Great Big Thankyou to you, Debbie, Conrad, Matt, and all the company for inviting and including (a tiny bit of me) in your “Dirty Laundry”


Here are the team, getting to know one another last week…