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DIRTY LAUNDRY by Deborah McAndrew

Reuben Moth is dying…

His daughter, Nora, does her best to keep him clean and comfortable, but Stoke-on-Trent in the 1950s is not a clean or comfortable place – and Rueben Moth is not at peace.

In his final fever he calls out the name Emeline time and again. Nora wonders who this mystery woman could be. And why is Reuben suddenly receiving important visitors?
What secret have they all been keeping for almost twenty years? And why must it never come to light?
Directed by Conrad Nelson
Designed by Dawn Allsopp
Lighting Design by John Slevin
11 – 21 OCTOBER 2017

TICKETS – on sale soon. Watch this space…


Thursday 19 October  1.30pm.

Email Helen at for details.

There are opportunities to be part of our production of Dirty Laundry. See below for details, and how you can sign up…


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